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Cold is new Hot Iceman

New in Marbella! The “Iceman” Xperience “C♡LD is the New Hot”.

You can do more than you think is possible. This is what Marbella Buddies wants to show you through this workshop “C♡LD is the new Hot Xperience”. You now have the opportunity to learn more about how to control your autonomic nervous system, prevent disease, and as a bonus, you will;

  • Feel Stronger,
  • Have more Focus,
  • Feel the Energy Rush,
  • and Enjoy Inner Peace, Less Stress

Maximize Your True Potential, A recharged body makes you feel energetic and fosters a mindset that tackles every obstacle and gets things done. With the techniques of the Wim Hof Method, we are able to get the body and mind in tune with one another, maximizing our true potential.


Based on three pillars:benefits icebath

  1. Cold therapy -Get more Energy
  2. Breathing -De-stress Body and Mind
  3. Commitment -Stay focused on Your Goals

We have developed workshops that let you experience with friends and/or colleagues to achieve a higher purpose together. Goals and conversations during our workshops are: power, energy, flexibility, peacefulness, resistance, respiration, self-knowledge, mindfulness and focus.


We offer:

  • 3-Hour Workshop
  • One Day Workshop
  • Day Attractions (Trip Advisor)

Your instructor is a certified Master Level Instructor of the WHM and trained by Wim Hof. You will be accompanied by likeminded yet unique individuals and surrounded by a natural environment perfectly tailored to this extended immersion.  This synergistic set of circumstances is ideally suited to stimulate all the physical and mental benefits associated with the Wim Hof Method*.

Do you also want to experience:

  • Sleep like a baby,
  • Feel more Creative,
  • Mood Improvement,
  • Boundless Energy and…
  • Recover Faster, Burn more Fat, Reduce Inflammation plus Enhance Athletic Performance if needed.

Contact us for the next available dates & possibilities.

Need more info, or are intrigued? Then watch this fascinating documentary of 39 minutes, made by VISE in the USA.

Ice bath iceman bath

*Wim Hof himself will not be present at these events.